Unwind and become inspired by nature and wildlife

Many artists come to Waterfront Retreat to get away from an urban city atmosphere and search for more creative inspiration using the natural surroundings and the local wildlife.


Inside each and every one of us there’s an artistic side which often we don’t know about. Surrounded by untapped nature and wildlife in their natural habitat, the calm and tranquil environment of Waterfront Retreat makes a perfect place to find inner creativity and the artist inside you.

The wild but friendly animals that you can see in Waterfront Retreat love to visit the trees and bushes near the lodges. You can sit on your verandah and watch the birds and kangaroos feed and get inspired how wonderful it is to be a part of how nature works.

Put more spark and get more inspiration for painting just by looking at the dazzling view of the waterfront area overlooking the beautiful Lake Victoria on a sunset or sunrise setting.