East Gippsland Art Gallery – Bairnsdale

East Gippsland Art Gallery - Bairnsdale East Gippsland Art Gallery (EGAG) is a dynamic little public gallery with a very big exhibitions calendar and lots of activities and events. Enjoy and appreciate the local art with a season of artistic talents each year. EGAG is the focal point for the visual arts in East Gippsland with vibrant public gallery showing an average of 22 … [Read more...]

Lakes Entrance Paddle Boats

Lakes Entrance Paddle Boat 1

Lakes Entrance Paddle Boats There are many ways to have fun on the water at Lakes Entrance, including water skiing, jet-skiing and cruising around at your leisure on a boat. Experience a different kind of adventure and try one of the crafts for hire at Lakes Entrance Paddle Boats with just an hour and 5 minutes drive from our Resort. Lakes Entrance Paddleboats is located … [Read more...]

Gippsland Lakes Cruises

Gippsland Lakes Cruises Near Waterfront Retreat at Wattlepoint

Gippsland Lakes Cruises Peels Cruises have been operating in Lakes Entrance for 3 generations, in fact since 1920. They have three cruise boats to choose from, operating at different times throughout the year. Cruise the lakes of East Gippsland in class and style, their skippers will open your eyes to abundant wildlife in our corner of Eastern Victoria. Come aboard the … [Read more...]

Lake Entrance

Lakes Entrance Near Waterfront Retreat at Wattlepoint

Lake Entrance Approximately 60 minutes’ drive from our resort, a township located at the mouth of a man-made channel that links Bass Strait and the Tasman Sea with the 400 square kilometer network of the Gippsland Lakes inland waterways. The main thoroughfare of the Esplanade runs along the shoreline of the Cunninghame Arm inlet, with marinas and attractive foreshore … [Read more...]

Metung Village

Metung Village Near Waterfront Retreat at Wattlepoint

Metung Village In a peaceful corner of the Gippsland Lakes you’ll find Metung, a scenic 56 minutes’ drive from our Resort, Metung is a small Village of 1100 permanent residents located on a narrow peninsula of land separating Bancroft Bay and Lake King. A lakeside village that offers a true escape and a chance to share simple pleasures. Steeped in a history of boats, … [Read more...]