Waterfront Retreat is a perfect place for clubs and group retreat

Many groups of people and different types of clubs choose Waterfront Retreat for their retreat. Waterfront Retreat has special lodges and facilities that are ideal for clubs and group of people.


Motoring clubs, car clubs, fishing clubs and almost all types of clubs can have a great retreat at Waterfront Retreat. There conference center is one of many facilities in the resort where clubs can have their events and conferences. Many of the loges can also accommodate large group of people and all the lodges are accessible to facilities such as tennis court, Indoor pool and outdoor mineral spa.

There are also many fun and enjoyable outdoor activities for all type of clubs and group of people in Waterfront retreat. They can enjoy the outdoor outback setting by riding a bike or enjoy sightseeing the coastal area on a canoe or a kayak.

The waterfront area is a wide open area near the five waterfront lodges. The lodges have their own private deck outside and share the wide open waterfront area which is great place for any outdoor club or group activities.