Fishing Clubs

Waterfront Fishing Club Retreat

Waterfront Retreat is a waterfront resort that has access to the beautiful Lake Victoria in Gippsland Lakes. Fishing clubs can access all the facilities especially the jetty, canoes and kayaks for group fishing activities.

Fishing Clubs

The wide open waterfront area in Waterfront Retreat is a great place for any fishing club outdoor activity and it’s just a short walk away front the jetty. There are many kinds of fish in wattle point coastal area and that is why many fishing clubs plan their club retreat here in Waterfront Retreat.

There are many outdoor activities to enjoy in Waterfront Retreat. Besides the activities in the water, fishing clubs can also enjoy outdoor activities like bike riding, playing tennis, kangaroo and bird feeding, wildlife sightseeing and more.

The parking area in waterfront retreat is very spacious and if you bring your own boat, you can bring it to the lake and tie it up to the jetty after using it.