Lakes Entrance Paddle Boats

Lakes Entrance Paddle Boats

Lakes Entrance Paddle Boat 1There are many ways to have fun on the water at Lakes Entrance, including water skiing, jet-skiing and cruising around at your leisure on a boat.

Experience a different kind of adventure and try one of the crafts for hire at Lakes Entrance Paddle Boats with just an hour and 5 minutes drive from our Resort.

Lakes Entrance Paddleboats is located just over the footbridge and it is an iconic tourist destination in Lakes Entrance.

Create fun and enjoyable moments with your family and friends and enjoy a wonderful  time out on the Cunninghame Arm on the paddle boats.

For 30 years people of all ages and abilities have enjoyed time out on the water with Lakes Entrance Paddle Boats providing a variety of vessels to suit everyone.

Three-wheel aqua bikes, paddle boats built for two or families, paddle skis and boogie boards are all available for hire as are a number of catamarans.

Lakes Entrance Paddle Boats 2

There are also motor operated boats for people with disabilities to use.

The display of colour when the vessels are out on the waters of Cunninghame Arm is one you don’t see very often elsewhere, but the smiles on the faces of those out there having fun are priceless.

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