Take amazing photos of nature and wildlife in Waterfront Retreat

The whole area of Waterfront Retreat is surrounded by lots of wattle and eucalypt trees, bushes and a waterfront area that provides the local wildlife their shelter and food.


When it comes to photography, both professionals and enthusiasts can capture nature and wildlife at its best at Waterfront Retreat. The waterfront view is an amazing natural background for any type of photos or photo shoot. Photographers can find many great locations for photo shoot opportunities for any event or special occasion.

One of the most noticeable landmarks in Waterfront Retreat is the waterfront jetty that stretches along the beautiful Lake Victoria, one of the three largest lakes in Gippsland Lakes. Many photographers and bird lovers loves the spot. You can see dazzling sunsets and sunrises and birds pose and fly around the area as if they too adore the place as much as people do.

At Waterfront Retreat you can capture amazing photo shoots for weddings, family get-togethers, special occasions and events or simply take a nice photo souvenir for yourself from your retreat.