Resort Activities

Transform Your Retreat Into A Memorable Experience

Create fun family memories and enjoy outdoor activities at waterfront retreat

Escape to OUR secluded RESORT with lots of beautiful trees, NATIVE ANIMALS, BIRD LIFE and water, perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities with family and friends.

Discover the best of Waterfront Retreat has to offer when it comes to fun outdoor activities for you to enjoy and create fun memories to last a lifetime.

Enjoy fun activities on the pristine waters of the beautiful Lake Victoria and the Gippsland Lakes Network or an outdoor setting surrounded by the natural reserves and local wildlife.

Waterfront retreat offers FREE USE of facilities, water sports and outdoor sports equipment.

Perfect Place for running Wellness Courses

With such amazing scenery of nature and perfect locations for rest and recuperation, the number one activity is relaxation.

Relish the tranquil ambiance of the waterfront area in waterfront retreat, its a perfect place for doing your daily fitness routine and exercise.

Feel free to run your own yoga and other wellness courses facing the relaxing waterfront view surrounded by natural wilderness during your stay.

Enjoy Water Adventures and Activities

Admire the magnificent waterfront area and breathtaking views on a canoe, kayak or stand up paddle board and have access to Gippsland lakes Network.

You can go fishing with your family and mates on the jetty or on your boat. Also a great place for a fishing club to come and stay as a group and visit nearby lakes like Nicholson, Tambo and Mitchell Rivers, Ocean Grange and Duck Arm for fishing activities.

Your Own Private Jetty

You can bring your own boat to Waterfront Retreat, there’s lots of parking space for it while its on your trailer and there’s a jetty that stretches over the lake where you can moor your boat.

If you need a boat ramp there’s is one down the road. On the ramp, you can load and unload the boat within 1 km of retreat and moor the boat on the jetty while staying at retreat.

Enjoy Playing Outdoor Tennis

Show off your tennis skills and enjoy a unique outdoor sport experience surrounded by wildlife, beautiful trees and bushes.

The outdoor tennis court is one of Waterfront Retreat’s facilities where you and your mates and family can have fun and enjoy A HIT OF TENNIS.

It’s a perfect morning or afternoon activity that you can enjoy, just inquire AT reception area to use the facility and OUR STAFF will assist you.

Family-Friendly Activities And Plenty To Keep Kids Of All Ages Occupied

Bring the kids and check out all the fun activities for the whole family

Have Quality Family Time in the Indoor Pool

Don’t forget about all the fun you can have bonding and swimming in the pool with family, friends and especially the kids.

The heated indoor pool is the perfect place to play, swim, and just relax.

Relax in the Outdoor Spa

Sit, relax, chat and unwind with your family and friends in OUR spa with an outdoor setting, enjoy the tranquil ambiance and natural beauty of the surroundings.

Located just outside the indoor pool, the outdoor spa is a perfect choice for a more relaxing type of outdoor experience.

Explore the Outdoor Setting

Discover the wonders of the RESORT’S surrounding area with outdoor bikes. Family, friends and kids of all ages will surely enjoy it.

You can also have a bush walk with your family and friends and experience nature and wildlife up close in IN OUR RESORT

Experience Wildlife and Feed the Animals

Have an up close moment with the THE KANGAROOS while feeding them and experience an amazing wildlife encounter from YOUR STAY WITH US

It’s a great bonding activity WITH YOUR KIDS to feed the kangaroos, birds and see different kinds of WILDLIFE with your family and friends.

The kids will love it and they get to see Wombats, Echidnas, Kangaroos, Pelicans, Sea Eagles, Black Swans and Rosellas.

The Kangaroos along with many other species of the local wildlife can be found virtually on your doorstep or just outside of your lodge.

You can feed the animals with a supply of special treats inside each lodge during your stay.