A one of a kind Waterfront Retreat experience

Having a retreat in Waterfront Retreat is always an amazing experience. The place, the wildlife, the tranquil ambiance and the spectacular views are just some of the things that makes your retreat a one of a kind.


There are different types of lodges for different types of needs for your retreat. A one bedroom split-level lodge is a perfect choice for a couple. The lodges with two to four bedrooms are a great choice for small and big families.

Waterfront Retreat also has facilities you can use during your stay. There’s the conference center that can have seats for 100 people for any special occasions and events. There is also an outdoor tennis court, indoor solar pool and an outdoor mineral spa.

Waterfront Retreat is surrounded by National Parks and has an overlooking view of the Gippsland Lake Network. There are lots of trees and bushes where the animals love to visit and feed. Some animals come up close to your lodge to be fed and it’s an amazing wildlife experience for your retreat.

There are also many fun outdoor activities you can enjoy during your retreat at Waterfront Retreat. You can launch a canoe or kayak, go fishing with friends and family and ride a bike and enjoy nature.